Get Flawless Summer Skin with AHA and SPF

MaryBeth Stanziola

This summer, it’s easier than ever to protect your skin from the sun and achieve an effortless, flawless look without relying on heavy makeup. Thanks to AHAs and SPF, incorporating two simple steps into your daily routine can help you get that youthful, makeup-less glow – and stay safe while doing it. The two go hand-in-hand to help you feel confident and protected!

Urban You For Me offers a wide range of SPF and AHAs, giving you options that work for your skin type and desired results! Members save 20% on any purchases, and 10% on any product subscriptions purchased. 

What is an AHA and what are the benefits?

AHAs, short for Alpha Hydroxy Acids, are chemical exfoliators that work on renewing facial skin by disrupting the older cells on the top layer, allowing for new skin cells to form. Made with a base of glycolic, citrus, or lactic acid, AHAs provide chemical peel-like results over time with a gentle, daily use formula. AHAs have many benefits, including:

  • Brighter looking skin
  • Lessened appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Even skin tone
  • Smoother looking and feeling skin
  • Increased collagen production

What is SPF and what are the benefits?

Using a daily SPF protects the skin from harmful U.V. rays, which can lead to sun damage and skin cancer with prolonged exposure. Contrary to popular belief, SPF/sunscreen should be worn daily, year round – even on cloudy days. SPF products have aesthetic and cosmetic benefits too, such as evening out skin tone and preventing visible signs of premature aging, 90% of which are caused by sun exposure. 

Recent advancements in sunscreen formulation have made it easier and more convenient than ever to reapply throughout the day! Urban You For Me carries SPF sprays, tinted and untinted formulas, eye creams, and more to suit your daily needs and prioritize simplicity.

Why Should AHAs and SPF be used together?

In order to unlock all of the benefits from each product and fully protect your skin, AHAs and SPF should always be paired together. Because AHAs disrupt the skin’s top layer and pre-existing pigment to promote renewal, it is even more essential to provide a barrier between your skin and the sun with SPF. Newer skin cells are naturally more vulnerable and less developed, making them more susceptible to sun damage. Adding these two simple products into your daily skincare routine will leave your skin looking and feeling younger, renewed, and protected from the sun!

Layer your AHAs and SPF under makeup, or show off your new, brighter skin without it! If you’re enduring long-term sun exposure, remember to reapply SPF every two hours for full protection.