Importance of Sexual Wellness

Prioritizing sexual wellness is not only essential for our sexual health. It is also imperative to the health of our physical and emotional well-being. The state of our sexual wellness affects our overall health.


Why we need to prioritize sexual wellness

Carving out time to communicate desires, experience pleasure, and connect with our partners are natural and healthy expressions of sexual wellness are just the beginning. When our physical and emotional health are aligned our sexual health increases as well!


Sexual Wellness Boxes from Urban You for Me

The products and features from Urban You’s Sexual Wellness boxes will without a doubt kick start your journey towards great sex and sexual wellness.

What is included:

  • Aesthete Sexual Healing Tea + Water Bottle: A refreshing herbal blend made with organic ingredients that support apoptogenic nervine, hormone balance, libido, and more. Chic reusable water bottle aids daily hydration (Available in all boxes).

  • Woo More Play Freshies: All natural after-play wipes used to cleanse, hydrate, and rejuvenate skin. Wipes remedy irritation triggered by physical activity by soothing inflammation, minimizing UTI’s, and more (Available in all boxes).

  • Woo More Play Quickies: Easy to use natural, organic lubricant packets ensure you are always prepared. Free of parabens, petroleum, silicon, and glycerin (Available in all boxes).

  • The Good Stuff Cleanser: Specifically formulated to rejuvenate skin in intimate areas with chamomile and lavender flower water and calendula. A cleanser without harsh chemicals and fragrances to keep fresh throughout the day (Available in all boxes).

  • Razor Bump Serum: Use after shaving and waxing for clean, bump free skin. Formula keeps skin hydrated, soft, and always protected (Available in Elite and Elevated Boxes).

  • Let’s Get Intimate Scrub: Pink Himalayan Salt body scrub keeps skin all over body soft and bright. Scrub also fades the appearance of dark spots on skin. You will feel extra moisturized after every use (Available in Elite and Elevated Boxes)!

  • Bottoms Up Booty Mask: Clay mask used to keep buttocks looking smooth and free of imperfections in even the cheekiest outfits. Mask gently exfoliates and moisturizes to prevent breakouts and rid of dead skin (Available in Elite box).

  • Love Your Body Lotion: Vitamin E, coconut oil, and chamomile soothe dry, irritated skin. Use all over body to ensure soft and smooth skin all day (Available in Elite box).

  • Cycle Patches: Easy to use peel patches that provide temporary relief of aches and pains associated with monthly cycle. We can still feel our best at that time of the month (Available in all boxes).

  • Period Patches: Natural ingredients hemp extract, black cohosh and more, allow for less painful periods. Convenient and easy to apply when needed (Available in Elite box).

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