The Best Way to Treat Acne Breakouts at Home

If you struggle with acne, you’re not alone! Over 50 million Americans live with it each year. Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it isn’t painful and emotionally taxing. We’ve gathered the best medical-grade skincare products made to target all types of acne, so you can finally break free from breakouts! 

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How to Treat Breakouts at Home

Acne usually comes from a hormonal imbalance or clogged pores. The three most common types of acne are blackheads, whiteheads, and cystic pimples. Blackheads tend to be an indicator of clogged pores, while cystic acne is more often than not hormonal. Hormonal breakouts can be caused by menstruation, puberty, menopause, or stress.


Because blackheads are typically a result of clogged pores, we recommend a gentle chemical exfoliator. Exfoliating helps to stop the overproduction of oil and removes leftover dirt or grime from the skin. PCA Skin’s Pore Refining Treatment is one of the best exfoliators for treating blackheads at home. It uses 3 different types of exfoliation for dramatically smoother, softer, and clearer skin!


Whiteheads are particularly tricky because they can be hormonal or environmental. They also tend to be red or inflamed, so it’s important to use a gentle product when treating them. The best ingredients for getting rid of whiteheads are anti-inflammatories, like benzoyl peroxide and AHAs. The PCA Skin Facial Wash combines a powerful 2% benzoyl peroxide solution with soothing aloe vera. This is one of the best cleansers for eliminating whiteheads!

Cystic Acne

Cystic acne is often painful and caused by stress, making it both emotionally and physically challenging to deal with. It’s generally more difficult to treat than other forms of acne because it’s (mostly) located underneath the skin’s surface. 

The most effective way to treat cystic acne at home is by pairing a salicylic acid cleanser with a warm compress. The compress will help open up any clogged pores, making it easier for the cleanser to penetrate the skin, remove any excess oil, and dry out breakouts. We recommend an Acne Gel to reduce oil production and prevent future breakouts. 

Sometimes, at-home remedies aren’t strong enough to completely treat acne. If you struggle with consistent breakouts, book a complimentary consultation at the Urban You! Our providers would love to help build a customized treatment plan through our Acne Bootcamp. The expert estheticians at the Urban You want to help you feel your most confident.

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