Beauty and Wellness Trends for 2021

Our parent company, Urban You is all about keeping their customers up-to-date on the latest beauty and wellness trends. With 2021 approaching quickly, we wanted to provide our insight on what trends to look out for this upcoming year. Keep reading for the latest happenings in wellness, beauty and skincare for 2021.






The COVID-19 pandemic caused many gyms across the nation to close. With that being said, companies began to innovate at-home workout ideas. This trend allows people to get personal training and instruction from the comfort of their own homes. It helps beginners get the benefits of exercise without having to go to the gym, which can be intimidating for many. Virtual, at-home fitness will continue to be a trend throughout 2021.



It’s time to ditch counting calories, diets  or following an intense cleanse. Intuitive eating is the latest trend that allows you to get back to basics. It’s all about focusing more on the quality of what’s on your plate as much as learning to recognize why you reach for certain foods, and how that affects your mood and energy levels when you do.
It’s time to learn and respect what your body needs to thrive. Listen to your body about when you are hungry, full and satisfied. Research has shown by approaching meals with this mindset creates sustainable healthy eating patterns.



2020 brought a lot of stress and worry, so 2021 is all about de-stressing and maintaining a healthy mental. At Urban You we offer NuCalm, an all-natural, comprehensive 3-part system which is administered in seconds and takes effect in minutes. The benefits will last for hours, so you can own the day! Book a session at one our Grand Rapids or Northville, MI locations to try NuCalm today!


The rise of alternative meat is not slowing down. Not only will alternative meat continue to be a trend in 2021, but there will be a variety of options including just-like-the-real-thing chicken and fish products. Vegan and plant-based options are expanding, so expect to see more and more of these products both in stores and on restaurant menus this upcoming year.



Without a doubt, the CBD market will continue to grow in 2021 (it’s expected to reach $23.7 billion by 2023). However, the introduction of minor cannabinoids such as CBC, CBG, and CBN will become the latest trend of beauty and wellness products in an effort for brands to differentiate themselves from all the CBD products on the market. Look out for other cannabinoids on the shelf very soon.



Why Sweat!? By continually flushing contaminants out of the dermal layer and bringing fresh nutrients and blood to the surface through sweating, you can naturally refresh and revitalize the appearance of your skin. Sweating also helps to de-stress your body by letting go of stagnate energy. At Urban You, we offer Shape House, sweating is directly linked to weight loss.
A typical sweat session can burn between 800-1,600 calories, between the 55 minutes in the bed and the 36-hour metabolic boost that follows. The purifying sweat that results from a FAR infrared session helps to detoxify the mind and body alike by relaxing muscles, eliminating waste, stimulating repair processes, and calming the psyche. After a 55-minute session, sweaters immediately feel refreshed! Available at our Grand Rapids and Northville, MI locations. Book your session today.



Air pollution is a hot topic right now, but did you know that indoor air quality is often two to five times worse than what’s outside? If not, you’ll be hearing (and thinking) a lot more about this in 2021, as new air-purification technology allows us to assess the quality of the air we breathe. At home air purifiers are trending. It’s time to improve your home’s air quality in 2021.






The personal care industry produces about 120 billion packages every year, a staggering number that has consumers demanding change. Sustainability is on everyone’s mind. Consumers are looking for more sustainable manufacturers, sustainable packaging, and they want to understand the materials brands are using. Not only are brands working to make their packaging sustainable but also are going waterless and becoming more conscious of using ingredients that are planet-friendly in the coming year and beyond.



Intense glam is now over. The latest 2021 makeup trend is the natural glow look. “Natural” faces took over the fashion show catwalks this season, with subtly perfected skin and relaxed eyeshadow (if any at all). The makeup trend for 2021 an effortless glow. How do you get that glow? Fake it ’til you make it, even if your skin doesn’t naturally gleam. A dewy balm or long-lasting serum will achieve the dewy, glow look just as well.



Remember the bushy, unkempt brow trend over the past years? That’s over in 2021. Instead of “I woke up like this” brows, the 2020 makeup trend for brows is structured, strong, and polished. Get the look and keep all your hairs in place with brow lamination. Book your appointment today!



Yes, you heard us right. Bright colored eyeliner was popular in 2020 but in 2021, you’re going to see light colored eyeliner starting to take over your Insta feed. This latest makeup trend is a quick and easy way to add a subtle touch of color to your eyes.






We all have our at home skin care routines, but the industry is changing as skincare grows to be more popular than ever in 2021. Skincare is probably one of the biggest, if not the biggest trend of 2021. Urban You For Me created subscription boxes with premium products accompanied by LIVE and on-demand videos featuring skincare experts. Start your Urban You For Me experience with a 15 minute consultation with a licensed estheticians online. We brought the medical spa experience to the comfort of your home! 2020 has shown us at home routines are a huge trend for this upcoming year. Get your first box today!



Creating less waste will be key in 2021. It is all about repurposing the waste from other processes to create new products. Expect to see coffee grains as scrubs, unsellable fruit and vegetables for extracted actives used in various products in the upcoming years.


As consumers become savvier, personalized skincare is becoming smarter.  In 2021, skincare will be led by technology. Brands are developing different programs to analyze and track your greatest skin concerns. Consumers will have more and more opportunities to customize their skincare products in the future.