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Everyone deserves luxury and skincare that provides real, visible results. Urban You For Me delivers both right to your door.

Urban You For Me CEO Nicole Gregory has always brought accessibility and value to the Wellness industry, finding gaps and filling them with innovation. Years ago, Nicole found it difficult to get all of her favorite beauty services done in one location, and even harder to find places that offered “celebrity” aesthetic treatments like filler and Botox. When Nicole founded Urban You in 2017, she created a membership program that helped guests save on those very services. Guests were craving skin support on the days they weren’t getting treated at the medspa, and they couldn’t purchase the same professional products at any drugstore. Getting a facial every day isn’t an option, and some people don’t live near medspas at all.

The solution? Make medical grade skincare available to anyone, 24/7. Urban You For Me carries luxury, clinically tested products so you can keep your skin healthy on the days you can’t make it into a medspa.

What is Medical Grade Skincare?

Sometimes, drugstore skincare just doesn’t cut it. Many products sold at big name beauty stores take months or even years of consistent use to get your skin up to par. Why? Drugstore skincare products contain very small concentrations of key ingredients like hyaluronic acid. Medical grade products HIGHLIGHT these ingredients, resulting in faster, more visible improvements to the skin. Most medical grade skincare products undergo clinical studies that prove their efficiency, so you know they provide real results.

We carry everything you need to craft a luxurious everyday skincare routine that works for you: moisturizers, cleansers, serums, SPFs, masks, self tanners – you name it. There are products for every skin type and many common skin conditions, so you can get everything in one place. Plus, take your skincare routine to the next level with on-demand content from licensed aestheticians, doctors, and specialists.

“We are focused on luxury, medical grade skincare that can provide proven results for any skin care need. We provide our members with unique value through pricing and convenience”

- Nicole Gregory, Urban You For Me CEO